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Make every moment count wiith a specialist gaming mouse. The CORE mouse is designed with a honeycomb shell which makes it ultra-light and comfortable. Light it up with RGB illumination and you’ll feel as slick as you look. The CORE mouse is powered by an optical sensor which registers 7200 DPI. What does that mean? Basically, the higher the DPI, the less you have to move your hand. So it’s possible to get a mouse which is too sensitive, especially if you’re aiming at targets during the game. That’s why this mouse also features an on-the-fly button: use it to adjust DPI as you play. You’ll soon figure out the best setting for you.
  • Feature #1
    Holed honeycomb structure with weight of only 69g(without cable).
  • Feature #2
    RGB leds with different lighting effects.
  • Feature #3
    7 buttons including dpi on-the-fly button.
  • Feature #4
    Soft 1.7m antitangle cable.
  • EAN