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Save space (because Jeff Bezos won’t). The RASCAL is our mini hybrid keyboard that lights up your gaming room, and it’s perfect for small spaces. We’ve packed this space-saving chassis with loads of useful features… like lightweight mechanical keys with anti-ghosting technology, and function keys for both PC and Mac. The whole keyboard is mounted on a metal plate and backlit with our sensational RGB LED lights, featuring a range of effects. With a clean aesthetic and vibrant style, the RASCAL is a great choice for your cool, new gaming setup.  
  • Feature #1
    Hybrid layout: suitable for PC or Mac.
  • Feature #2
    Metal plate mounted Outemu red lightweight & linear mechanical switches suitable for both typing fast paced gaming.
  • Feature #3
    62-key nordic layout with minimal space saving chassis.
  • Feature #4
    Detachable Type-C cable included.
  • Feature #5
    Full antighosting.
  • EAN