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Your kit is lit! Your gaming setup NEEDS this sensational new chair. It’s loaded with light effects, featuring a full row of LEDs from one corner to the other. Change the mode for different patterns and adjust the speed and brightness to customise your chair. The Exo MAJOR has more than 200 modes including Rainbow Tracer, Snake, Diode, Nova and Track. Choose the Auto function to cycle through them all until the end of days!
  • Feature #1
    Easy to connect to any power source via USB.
  • Feature #2
    Powerbank pocket at back.
  • Feature #3
    Metal padded armrests.
  • Feature #4
    Upholstered with high-density foam and PU leather.
  • Feature #5
    Full tilt Support and Full recline Support of 135 degrees.
  • Feature #6
    Butterfly Mechanism.
  • Feature #7
    Heavy nylon base.
  • Feature #8
    Class 4 Gas lift. Durable for 150kg.
  • Feature #9
    PU Leather.
  • EAN