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“””Just one more game…”” When you’re in the zone, don’t let sweaty ear-pieces stop you! We see you… so we designed the ultra-light ROGUE headset to improve your comfort. The ear-pieces can be rotated 90 degrees so it’s easy to rest the headset on your neck for breaks. But you might not want to take a break when the game sounds this good: our 50mm sound elements suck you in with rich, immersive audio. Joining a team? If so, the microphone is on a lightweight arm, but can also be detached for solo play. Here’e the science:
  • Feature #1
    Ultralight Headset with dual swivel ear-pieces
  • Feature #2
    Speaker elements: 50mm , Speaker impedance: 32 Ohm.
  • Feature #3
    Speaker sensitivity: 96±3dB at 1Khz.
  • Feature #4
    Mic sensitivity: -40dB±3dB
  • Feature #5
    Compact module with volume and mute controls.
  • Feature #6
    3.5mm audio connector with dual 3.5mm adapter included in the package.
  • Feature #7
    PS colors special edition.
  • Feature #8
    Compatible with PC and Laptop, PS4™, PS5™, Xbox One™, Xbox Series S™/X™ and Switch™.
  • EAN