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Just because you are new in the gaming field and desire a chair to fit your needs, which does not mean that you should skip out on details and features for the player. Introducing our specialist chair, made from high quality and long-lasting materials to support your growth as a player into the competitive scene.Made from a high quality and durable PU leather fitted with a dotted breathable design that can resist even the toughest of conditions during your play time and allowing for passive air cooling. The leather is stretched across a durable soft foam, that can retain and reassemble its original shape even after prolonged marathon sessions. The inner frame and armrests are made from a solid metal that helps with keeping the structure fastened and secure. The chair comes standard with a butterfly mount on its bottom that allows for a soft tilt function and is mounted onto our class 4 gas lift. The Specialist chairs comes with the function to recline down to a 135% angle, easing stress and tension of the spine and hips. Keeping all of this together is our heavy-duty nylon base that features custom tinted blue color.
  • Feature #1
    Customized blue stitching and accents.
  • Feature #2
    M3 class foam.
  • Feature #3
    Recline and tilt function.
  • Feature #4
    Metal frame.
  • Feature #5
    Class 4 Gas lift
  • Feature #6
    Fixed arm rests with built in padding
  • Feature #9
    PU Leather.
  • EAN